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Playful Kiss Full Episodes Free Download With English Subtitles

Playful Kiss is a Korean romantic comedy drama series that aired on KBS2. The drama was first aired on May 17, 2010. Plot Kim Hyun-joong plays the role of Baek Seung-jo, who is of pure intelligence and is a genius. He was the son of a top-ranking officer in the South Korean army. Due to the birth of his two older brothers, Baek Seung-jo’s father refused to continue his military career and opted to leave the army. However, his father was later killed by the North Korean forces and Baek Seung-jo fell into poverty. After the death of his father, Baek Seung-jo is now the owner of a small antique shop. One day, he meets Bong Soo-jung (Seo Hyun-jin), who is a high school student and the daughter of an Olympic champion figure skater. Baek Seung-jo and Bong Soo-jung began to spend time together when Bong Soo-jung tried to sell the antique shop, which was inherited by Baek Seung-jo. Bong Soo-jung is a special person who has great faith in the dreams and promises of people. Baek Seung-jo was a little irritated by her personality. With Baek Seung-jo’s help, she becomes a beauty queen and passes her grade. He likes her character, even if she seems innocent. The two of them begin to fall in love. They plan to get married, but their families are against their marriage. He met her aunt, who told Baek Seung-jo’s family that he is impolite. He said that he was going to be arrested for a month if he did not apologize to Bong Soo-jung’s aunt. He apologized to her aunt, but he couldn’t apologize to her aunt’s husband. In the end, he apologized to Bong Soo-jung’s family. They became a couple but things didn’t go well. Baek Seung-jo was depressed and Bong Soo-jung was hurt. Due to Baek Seung-jo’s personality, he hurt her sister, and she was not prepared to receive him back after his apology. Baek Seung-jo’s aunt told Baek Seung- ac619d1d87

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